Welcome to Queer Forty!

Our audience spoke and we listened! Four months ago we launched Gay 50 Plus and we are so happy with its success. Our audience took us into their hearts and homes, and loved the content we were running. 

We received some great feedback regarding the content and we are so happy to be able to fulfil a function that has been missing all this time, a genuine LGBTQ media outlet for the older LGBTQ community.

We are a company built on the foundations of equality and inclusiveness, it was therefore very concerning that we were hearing some people didn’t find the name ‘Gay 50 Plus’ represented them. We acted quickly to decide on a new name, but chose to keep the familiar stylings and colors so it’s not a complete change.

We also found that the audience who enjoyed our articles were not starting at 50! There was great appeal from the 40-somethings to our site too and we love this! It just goes to show that our mission to plug the gap that other LGBTQ media haven’t with an inspiring and exciting magazine title for the older generation of LGBTQ people has only just begun!

So… Welcome to Queer Forty! 

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