That Gay Car Show

An LGBT car show, looking at all things motoring with a queer eye. The first of its kind in the world.

“That Gay Car Show” is the new motoring show from BWTV, hosted by Robin Gray. The show will take a look at the motoring world with a queer eye!

Robin is a British car nut who will show off the best of the motoring world from reviews, to motoring events, must have accessories, and LGBTQ+ motoring community groups. All this with a side of British humor and wit!

There is only one logical place in the whole of the USA where this show could be hosted… Detroit! As the heart of the US motor industry and with a dynamic LGBT community, Motor City will provide the perfect setting for “That Gay Car Show”.

This show is the perfect TV vehicle for car manufacturers, the City of Detroit, and other motoring related brands to access the full LGBT market and reinforce their brand position with the LGBT motorist.



All of our content will be available to watch on Amazon Prime. Unlike traditional broadcast methods, our shows will be available to watch 24/7 for a minimum of two years.

Viewership potential = 90 million people (Amazon Prime subscribers)

Conservative estimate of viewership = 900,000 people. This is based on 1% of the total subscribers

In addition, all our episodes and seasons will be available to download on iTunes and Google Play, accessible by 1.8bn people.

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