Reasons Why I'm Chubby

A new food show concept, hosted by Nick Bombicino

Six episodes… six kinds of food that make you chubby!

Each episode will begin with a brief introduction laying out on the table another reason why Nick is chubby. Whether the episode deals with a particular genre of food or locale, there will be 3-4 food locations per episode.

In between each location, there will be extra shots of Nick traveling, talking, and exploring each city along the way – entering and exiting the food locations. Some will be sit-down, some will be takeaway, all will be tasty.

At each location, there will be some facts about the food, anecdote about the restaurant, or some story from Nick’s (or Cameraman Justin’s) life. There will also be information about the location of the food, how you can order it, and when you can get your hands on it. The episodes will close with a restatement of the given reason why he’s chubby, the familiar sign off.

Season one will be dedicated to all kinds of food in New York City.



All of our content will available to watch on Amazon Prime. Unlike traditional broadcast methods, our shows will be available to watch 24/7 for a minimum of two years.

Viewership potential = 100 million people (Amazon Prime subscribers)

In addition, all our episodes and seasons will be available to purchase from Amazon Video. There are currently estimated to be over 310 million active Amazon customers, but of course this system is available to anyone in the world. 

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