Online Magazines

Bear World Magazine is the world’s leading online lifestyle magazine for the gay bear community. Articles cover a number of topics including fashion, food, travel and entertainment – all with a bear twist!

Queer Forty is the new online magazine for the over 40 LGBTQ community, a group that has been long overlooked
by the mainstream gay press. Queer Forty’s mission is to inspire and support older LGBTQ people to keep living amazing lives by supporting them with valuable and inspirational content covering culture, travel, dining, retirement andfinance.

Vacationer is launching in Winter 2018 as an LGBTQ travel specific website offering readers tips, recommendations and general travel stories. It will also be the sister site of our new LGBTQ travel show ‘Check Your Luggage’.

Launching Spring 2019

GAYMING will be the go-to resource for the LGBT gamer community, providing news, reviews and stories about the video games world. It will be different to other video games magazines as it will look at the industry with a queer eye. GAYMING will bring the community together, providing resources to signpost LGBT gamers to their local social group and also provide the long absent advocacy the community deserves 

Digital Front Covers

Our magazines are all website-based. However, in order to preserve the feeling of a traditional magazine, we produce monthly digital front covers which feature key stories featured that month. Readers have taken well to our covers and they provide great shareable content on our social media channels.
Bear World Magazine - February 2019
Queer Forty - February 2019
Vacationer - example cover

Media Kits

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