The Martini Lounge

With Jonathan & Sergey

The Martini Lounge is one of the hottest podcasts out there where listeners are invited to join Jonathan & Sergey as they talk to your favorite celebrities with their trademark warmth and wit.

Jonathan & Sergey strive to educate, elevate and impact the ever-changing landscape of equality on a local, national and global scale through conversation and dialogue with leaders, entertainers and every day LGBT people and their allies. It is their belief that it is through open, fearless and honest speech that the seeds of societal change truly reside.

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Jonathan & Sergey by Katie Hartwig
The Martini Lounge offers opportunities for brands to place adverts on the show in ways that are organic and entertaining. Podcast advertisements have a traditionally high engagement rate and low levels of ad skipping, perfect to make sure your brand is heard by this affluent and engaged market.
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