Hanging Out with Jonathan & Sergey

Celebrity fun & games with Jonathan & Sergey

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with your favorite celebrity? Well here’s your chance!

Jonathan & Sergey bring their unmistakable chemistry to the small screen as they do everyday activities with celebrities. It’s a great way to keep it loose and more importantly, real! Get to know celebrities in a whole new light while you’re Hanging OUT with Jonathan & Sergey

About Jonathan

Jonathan Shuffield has worked within the media industry for over 20 years. With past TV shows like ‘Damn!Sexy Cooking’ and ‘Toast and Coffee With Chris Hanson’, and podcasts including ‘The Damn!Sexy Radio Hour’ and ‘Ash&J: That’s Graceless’, Jonathan learned the art of entertaining early. With the success of the pacific northwest LGBT and Liberal radio talk show, OUTSpoken, he has become a bold voice in the world of entertainment and politics. With his unique style of humor and passion, he continues to prove to be the consummate entertainer.

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About Sergey

Sergey Grankin has used his background in acting and improv to find success as a charismatic and magnetic talk show host. An outspoken social activist, he has solidified his recognizable voice as a featured writer in numerous publications, an exceptional public speaker and leader in the community. A key component in the highly successful pacific northwest LGBT and Liberal radio talk show, OUTSpoken, he continues to show his undeniable entertainment value. His mix of humor, spirit and unique cultural point of view as an out-gay Russian immigrant, contribute to his undeniable charm.

All photos by Katie Hartwig



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