Check Your Luggage

A new LGBT travel show, hosted by Justin T Russo

Justin is the expert when it comes to bears who travel. He’s a New York City resident and was recently seen on Logo’s ‘Fire Island’ as the cubby bear who everyone fell in love with. 

He’s travelled round the world experiencing new places and adventures while learning about the local LGBT community. Now he wants to share his knowledge and experience with you! 

Justin is also a key LGBT influencer with a combined social following of over 35,000 people.

Justin will be joined on the show by industry experts, local hosts and a variety of LGBT vloggers from around the world, bringing a diverse and in-depth look at the LGBT travel experience for everyone.

Season One will be filmed around the US and will include clips, features and vlogs from around the world.

Guest vloggers Gabi & Fabia



The following brands and companies have already committed to the show in various ways…


All of our content will available to watch on Amazon Prime. Unlike traditional broadcast methods, our shows will be available to watch 24/7 for a minimum of two years.

Viewership potential = 90 million people (Amazon Prime subscribers)

Conservative estimate of viewership = 900,000 people. This is based on 1% of the total subscribers

In addition, all our episodes and seasons will be available to download on iTunes and Google Play, accessible by 1.8bn people.

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