A new kind of LGBT media company

Bear World Media began as a solution to a niche, under-represented demographic. Now, we use this same approach throughout our portfolio to ensure our outlets, contributors and influencers shine a light on a wide range of under-represented groups as we strive for equality and representation for all. 

Digital Media

We have always embraced the digital world, and here’s why…

40% of LGBT people have increased their readership of LGBT websites over the past year, while only 14% of LGBT people in US have increased their readership of traditional print national LGBT newspapers and magazines (CMI, 2017)

LGBT men and women spend 35% more time online than their heterosexual counterparts (Nielsen, 2015)

Companies are rapidly learning about the 'value' of the LGBT community. LGBT spending power is nearing the $1 trillion mark in the US alone (Witech Communications, 2016)

Our Portfolio

Web is where it all began for us. In 2012, we launched our first website, Bear World Magazine, which has now grown to be the number one online lifestyle magazine for the gay bear community. Check out the other exciting websites in our portfolio. 


In 2017 we began producing TV shows under our production brand ‘Jolly Good Television!’. We place our shows on Video On Demand platforms and also undertake commissions. Find out about the shows currently available and what’s coming soon.

Our shows and magazines offer brands a huge amount of exposure opportunity. The value of the LGBTQ community is nearing $1 trillion and we can help your brand access this market.

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