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In December 2016 we launched our new channel on Revry featuring licensed shows, web series and shorts made by other amazing movie makers.

We are now going solo and working on several inhouse formats. Our in-house produced content will feature several shows covering, food, interior design, travel, chat shows, music and fashion all fronted by a diverse team of amazing hosts.

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Check out our upcoming projects below. 

“Check Your Luggage!” with Justin Russo

The New LGBT Travel Show 

check your luggage title

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“3XL” With Javier Rivadeneira

The new show that focuses on plus-sized fashion and style for the bigger man.


For more info head here!

“Juan for the Road”, with Juan Boria Jr

Our new show all about Cocktails!


For more info click here.

“The Music Bear”, with Tony Banks

The amazing Hip Hop star, will bring you a look at the LGBT musicians of today and showcase their music.

The Music Bear

“Hanging OUT”, with Jonathan and Sergey

The new chat show with A-List celebs! Filmed in a luxury mansion, enjoying cocktails by the pool!

Hanging Out